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United States
February 15, 2007 10:58am CST
last year i had an "attack" by some "friends" of mine, and thinking back on it, it reminds me a lot of the movie "Mean Girls". a girl i thought was my friend, went onto her brother's computer (he was my friend also) and looked up all the conversations i had had with him (the computer automatically saves them). she found a conversation where i said something about a friend's weight. at the time, i didnt mean for it to be offensive, but this girl printed out the conversation and showed it to my friend that i had said something about. i apologized so much, but the whole group of girls that were my friends turned against me. they began talking bad about me so that i could hear. eventually, my friendship with all of them went back to normal, except the girl who had printed off the conversation. i tried to be her friend again, but she seemed to not want any part of me. fast forward to now.. i looked at the convostealing girl's profile on instant messenger and she has quotes that her and her friends have said. one says: "every time************* f*cks a guy, god kills a kitten" my name fits those stars exactly.. and this girl doesnt have too many friends, so im pretty sure she is talking about me. she's always talked about me being "loose" (though ive been with a lot less men than her). this is mostly for the girls.. but i was wondering, how many of you have been treated this way by other girls, or even girls you thought were your friends?
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@fariawala (119)
• Pakistan
15 Feb 07
i dont think soo :)