Why people love son more than her daughter?!

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February 15, 2007 11:05am CST
My grandma is nearly 80 years old now.She has a son and a daughter,the daughter is my mother.Since I can remember,grandma always love mother's brother more than my mother,she has been giving all good things to him and usually scold my mother without any reasons.Acturally,every time if she met anything dificult or she's ill,only my mother take good care of her and with her all the time.Grandma's very different attitude even can be shown at me and my mother's brother's son. And I heard of many similar things.Just like parents heritage almost all they wealth to their son,and treat him as a prince,but when they need,who is taking care of them all the time is only their daughter. That's very unfair. I don't think daughter shouldn't take care of parents,I just hope parents could think of their daughter more. After all ,both daughter and son come from parents,they should be treated as the same.
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@DjSatin (136)
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15 Feb 07
yes I agree Mother's tend to bond better with son's and Father's bond better with daughters. but I do think parents love every child equally regardless of gender. It may seem as if they don't because of how they relate to them. we tend to treat others in response to how they treat us no matter what the family relationship may be, this is even seen in friendships. Son's usually inherit things because they will have families of their own to provide for and be responsible for. Son's will be Fathers and most see Father's as being held responsible for the well being of their wife son's daughters ect. Daughters become wives and their husband is them responsible for them. of course this is a old tradition of the way things were, and your grandma is older so it is possible this is the way she views it. maybe you can talk openly about this to your grandma to help you get a better understanding of how she feels.