whats the stupidest/ funniest thing youve ever done?

United States
February 15, 2007 4:10pm CST
Let hear some stories about the stupid things you've done. Its always great to hear about other peoples idiocy. One time I was out in a big field with my 86 flatbed ford. My buddy and i had been working on his roof, throwing a few back, and decided to have some fun. He takes a rope, and ties one end to the top of the wheel and one to the bottom, running it out through the windows into the bed. He puts it in gear, and releases the clutch, letting the truck run at about 5 mph. Standing up in the bed, when can steer the thing using the rope. were chugging around the field when all the sudden my buddies wife come out and starts yelling at us that dinners ready. a few seconds later, apparently the heater hose snagged on the throttle lever and made the truck jerk forward. Both my friend and i ended up on the ground with the truck driving away full speed in first gear. It managed to run through the garden before stopping itsself on a 3 foot wide oak tree.
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