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October 13, 2006 8:49am CST
ADK VENTURES LTD Registered No. 05599859 11 MURRAY STREET, CAMDEN, LONDON, NW1 9RE seasonwirelesstores@yahoo.co.uk mdadkventuresltd@yahoo.co.uk DEAR sir, HOW DO YOU DO? WE QUALIFIED SUPPLIER OF PLASMA TV,/LCD MONITORS NOKIA, MOTOROLA, SAMSUNG, SONY ERICKSON, NEXTEL, SIEMENSPHONES, DIGITAL CAMERAS, NIKON CAMERA, CANON CAMERA, GAMES, XBOX 360,NINTENDO, PLAY STATION 2, SONY PSPS, IPODS NANO, IPOD MINI,IPOD SHUFFLE, LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOK. ACER LAPTOPS, I B M LAPTOPS, HP LAPTOPS, APPLE LAPTOPS,TOSHIBA,DELL LAPTOPS, SONY LAPTOPS, ASUS LAPTOPS. 1. NEVERLOCK SIMFREE 2. NO FREE SAMPLE 3. MINIMUM ORDER 5 BRANDED OR ASSORTED UNITS, 4. SHIPMENT: 24/48 HOURS DROP SHIPMENT TO your DOOR STEP 5. SPECIFICATION: (EUROPEANS/US SPECIFICATIONS) GENERAL NETWORK GSM 900/GSM 1800/GSM 1900 PLATFORM - TRI BAND (GSM900 + 1800 + 1900 MHZ. 6. CONDITION: BRAND NEW WIRELESS STANDARD 7. WARRANTY 1 YEAR 8. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: FINLAND 9.ALL PRICES BELOW INCLUDS SHIPPING AND TAXES We are offering you free shipment for these goods, this is include all delivery tax and expenses to the final destination. Moq minimum order quantity is 10 units MIX or SINGLE BRAND NOKIA 1100 =$30 NOKIA 1110 =$40 NOKIA 1600 =$45 NOKIA 2600 =$40 NOKIA 2652 =$50 NOKIA 3120 =$55 NOKIA 3220 =$70 NOKIA 5100 =$70 NOKIA 6020 =$70 NOKIA 6030 =$60 NOKIA 6060 =$80 NOKIA 6600 =$80 NOKIA 6060 =$90 NOKIA 6101 =$120 NOKIA 6111 =$150 NOKIA 6170 =$125 NOKIA 6230 =$120 NOKIA 6230I=$150 NOKIA 6310I=$150 NOKIA 6670 =$140 NOKIA 7260 =$150 NOKIA 7270 =$130 NOKIA 7280 =$150 NOKIA 7610 =$190 NOKIA 7710 =$230 NOKIA 8800 =$260 NOKIA 8910I=$150 NOKIA 9500 =150 NOKIA 9500I =190 NOKIA 9300 =$100 NOKIA 9300I =$130 Nokia 2610=$95 Nokia 2310=$100 Nokia 3250=$190 Nokia 1112=$110 Nokia 6136=$135 Nokia 6131=$145 Nokia 6070=$160 Nokia 6125=$145 Nokia 6103=$135 Nokia 6233=$180 Nokia 6234=$175 Nokia 6282=$180 Nokia 9300i=$185 Nokia N92=$180 Nokia N80=$170 Nokia N71=$165 Nokia N70=$150 Nokia N83=$190 Nokia N95=$300 Nokia N75=$220 Nokia 5300=$240 Nokia 5200=$190 Nokia 6288=$200 Nokia 6085=$180 Nokia 8800 Sirocco=$280 Nokia 7390=$150 Nokia 7373=$140 Nokia 6151=$150 Nokia 6080=$190 Nokia 1110i=$120 Nokia E50=$170 Nokia 5500 Sport=$230 Nokia N93=$280 Nokia N73=$190 Nokia N72=$150 Nokia 2610=$50 Nokia 2310=$80 Nokia 1112=$90 Motorola phones Motorola RAZR maxx=$260 Motorola RAZR V3xx=$200 Motorola RIZR=$280 Motorola KRZR K1=$250 Motorola W375=$270 Motorola W208=$190 Motorola W220=$200 Motorola V195=$190 Motorola V191=$200 Motorola ROKR E2=$180 Motorola RAZR V3i=$150 Motorola ROKR E1=$160 Motorola A910=$180 Motorola A1200=$200 Motorola A728=$220 Motorola A732=$220 Motorola Q=$190 Motorola E895=$200 Motorola V3x=$170 Motorola E1070=$260 Motorola E770=$175 Motorola SLVR L7=$185 Motorola SLVR L6=$155 Motorola PEBL U6=$145 Motorola A1010=$165 Motorola E1060=$105 Motorola E1120=$180 Motorola V1050=$150 Samsung phones Samsung X830=$300 Samsung P310=$250 Samsung Z720=$200 Samsung Z620=$180 Samsung Z370=$200 Samsung P200=$160 Samsung S501i=$190 Samsung S401i=$180 Samsung X500=$200 Samsung D840=$250 Samsung C400=$260 Samsung C240=$180 Samsung D830=$190 Samsung D900=$220 Samsung X820=$190 Samsung C130=$130 Samsung E500=$150 Samsung E380=$170 Samsung D870=$240 Samsung D780=$200 samsung E900=$160 Samsung c100=$80 Samsung d600=$140 Samsung e330=$120 Samsung d500=$120 Samsung e530=$190 Samsung e720=$190 Samsung e770=$200 Samsung x800=$240 Samsung x600=$180 Sony Ericsson phones Sony Ericsson W830=$260 Sony Ericsson K320=$230 Sony Ericsson Z558=$170 Sony Ericsson Z610=$140 Sony Ericsson K618=$120 Sony Ericsson W850=$260 Sony Ericsson W710=$230 Sony Ericsson Z710=$190 Sony Ericsson Z550=$160 Sony Ericsson W700=$240 Sony Ericsson Z525=$155 Sony Ericsson K800=$220 Sony Ericsson K790=$180 Sony Ericsson V630=$220 Sony Ericsson W300=$200 Sony Ericsson Z530=$150 Sony Ericsson P990=$220 Sony Ericsson K510=$180 Sony Ericsson K310=$190 Sony Ericsson W950=$210 Sony Ericsson P910=$190 Siemens phones Siemens AL21=$120 Siemens A31=$130 Siemens AF51=$160 Siemens ME75=$110 Siemens AP75=$170 Siemens AX72=$150 Siemens SG75=$140 Siemens SFG75=$130 Siemens CC75=$100 Siemens CF110=$120 Siemens C72=$135 Siemens S75=$120 Siemens SL75=$90 Siemens C75=$80 Siemens SP65=$100 Siemens SXG75=$80 Siemens M75=$120 Siemens CX75=$130 Siemens CF75=$150 Siemens CL75=$100 Sagem phones Sagem MY 600X=$140 Sagem VS4=$130 Sagem MY 900C=$150 Sagem MY 800X=$130 Sagem MY 405X=$120 Sagem myW-7=$100 Sagem my700X=$90 Sagem myMobileTV=$150 Sagem MY C2-3=$160 Sagem my500X=$140 Sagem MY 300X=$160 Sagem myZ-5=$160 Sagem my200x=$100 Sagem my100x=$120 Sagem MY 400X=$140 Sagem VS3=$150 Sagem MY V-85=$160 Sagem MY V-76=$140 Sagem MY V-56=$130 Sagem VS2=$120 Qtek phones Qtek 9600=$180 Qtek 8600=$150 Qtek 8500=$160 Qtek S200=$180 Qtek 9000=$200 Qtek 8310=$120 Qtek 8300=$150 Qtek 9100=$180 Qtek 8100=$150 Qtek S110=$175 Qtek S100=$120 Qtek 9090=$170 Qtek 8020=$160 Qtek 8010=$150 Qtek 2020i=$200 Qtek 2020=$170 Qtek 8080=$180 Qtek 8060=$160 Qtek 1010=$140 Qtek 7070=$160 i-mate phones i-mate SPL=$170 i-mate JAQ=$190 i-mate JASJAM=$180 i-mate SPJAS=$150 i-mate Smartflip=$170 i-mate JAMin=$190 i-mate JASJAR=$200 i-mate K-JAM=$160 i-mate SP5=$190 i-mate SP5m=$190 i-mate SP4m=$160 i-mate JAM Black=$150 i-mate JAM=$140 i-mate PDA2=$160 i-mate PDA2k=$170 i-mate SP3i=$180 i-mate SP3=$130 i-mate Pocket PC=$190 i-mate Smartphone2=$200 i-mate Smartphone=$160 Palm phones Palm Treo 750v=$200 Palm Treo 650=$180 Palm Treo 600=$160 Palm Treo 270=$140 Palm Treo 180=$120 O2 phones=$150 O2 Orbit=$190 O2 Cosmo=$220 O2 XDA Stealth=$250 O2 Ice=$220 O2 XDA Atom Exec=$150 O2 XDA Trion=$170 O2 XDA Neo=$160 O2 XDA Atom=$160 O2 XDA Orion=$170 O2 XDA Exec=$190 O2 XDA mini S=$140 O2 X2i=$130 O2 X7=$140 O2 XDA phone=$150 O2 Xphone IIm=$160 O2 X1b=$170 O2 XM=$180 O2 X4=$170 O2 XDA II mini=$140 O2 XDA IIs=$180 BlackBerry phones BlackBerry Pearl 8100=$220 BlackBerry 7130g=$200 BlackBerry 7130c=$180 BlackBerry 7130v=$160 BlackBerry 8707v=$150 BlackBerry 8700c=$170 BlackBerry 7100x=$150 BlackBerry 7100t=$180 BlackBerry 7100v=$150 BlackBerry 7290=$130 BlackBerry 7730=$145 BlackBerry 7230=$150 BlackBerry 6720=$120 BlackBerry 6230=$150 Sharp phones Sharp 705SH=$260 Sharp 904=$170 Sharp 770SH=$160 Sharp 550SH=$120 Sharp GX29=$150 Sharp 903=$140 Sharp 703=$120 Sharp GX17=$100 Sharp GX40=$80 Sharp 902=$90 Sharp 802=$70 Sharp TM200=$100 Sharp GX25/GZ200=$100 Sharp TM150=$140 Sharp TM100=$130 Sharp V801SH=$160 Sharp GX30=$140 Sharp GX15/GZ100=$150 Sharp GX22=$190 Sharp GX20=$140 ====================================================================================== SONY LCD MONITORS ====================================================================================== Sony SDM-S205KB 20" Black LCD Monitor 20.1" (20.1" Viewable), 1600 x 1200 (Max Resolution), 700:1 Contrast Ratio, Connects Via VGA (Analog D-sub), DVI-D (Digital), PC and Mac Compatible SDMS205KB $270 Sony FWD-40LX1/W 40" LCD Monitor 40" (40" Viewable), WXGA 1366 x 768, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Connects Via RGB/Component (HD-15), DVI-D HDCP, Composite (BNC), Composite, PC Compatible FWD-40LX1/W $499 Sony FWD-32LX1/S Silver 32" Large Format LCD Display 32" (32" Viewable), WXGA 1366 x 768, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Connects Via RGB/Component (HD-15), DVI-D HDCP, Composite (BNC), YUV (Composite), PC Compatible FWD32LX1/S $450 seasonwirelesstores@yahoo.co.uk mdadkventuresltd@yahoo.co.uk thanks melissa fredrick SALES DIRECTOR
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22 Oct 06
why r u telling me this?