my chain smoker DAD!

@katskie (128)
February 15, 2007 10:03pm CST
My dad is a chain smoker.He is not getting younger and we want him to quit.He told us its been his habit and hes now addicted to it. Hes always in a bad mood if we dont allow him to smoke.As the eldest, ive confronted him so many times. Im so fed up of discussing this with him in a calm manner. I only want him to be in good shape. He is 49 yrs old but he looks like a 70 yr old guy. I am so worried about him. He was given an early retirement from his job because he is becoming weak. Yesterday we had a fight again and its hurting me a lot.I use to look up to him. Now, his loosing my respect just because of smoking.My mom cant do anything about this.If we dont give him what he wants he gets very moody and his out of control. My dads health is degrading and we all can see that.He choose smoking over his family. My last option is to send him for counselling where he refuses to attend. Do u have other options?
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• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
come on girl. he is ur father n u don't have any rite to speck loud with him. he can't leave smokin in this stage coz he is very old n he dun have tat abitily to leave it. he can't live with out it. so i'll say tat there is no need of u to get upset on this coz there is nothing to be done.its very very hard for some one who is a hain smoker to leave has become his weakness. n he has a lot off tension so plz dun disturb him. he has a small life a head so let him live peace fully ... its impossible for him to leave it...