Are you a T-T-T or S-S-S or T-T-S or T-S-S or S-S-T or S-T-S or S-T-T person?

February 15, 2007 11:20pm CST
Appearances are deceptive-- So the adage says. There is another adage-- All that glitters is not gold. We also know the maxim-- Sweet are the uses of adversity. TTT person: Looks and talks tough, acts tough and is tough within. Heshe is rock like. SSS person: Looks and talks soft, acts soft and is soft within. Heshe is like butter. Melts easily. TTS person: Looks and talks tough, acts tough, but is soft within. Very few people can appreciate them because others have to wait to experience a TTS sweetness. STT person: Looks and talks soft, acts tough and is tough within. We come across many money oriented businessmen, managers and politicians in this category. SST person: Looks and talks soft, acts soft but is tough within. Rarely the toughness comes to surface. Similar other combinations can be worked out. I am unable to classify myself. I know that I look, talk and act soft (SS). Within myself I am not able to decide myself whether I am soft or tough owing to inadequate assessment skills. Nor can you discover what is within me, unless you are an expert in psychology or psychiatry. Can you assess yourself? Disclosing it to us is upto you. Tailpiece, a Sanskrit verse with English translation: Sampatsu Mahataam cittam Bhaveet Utpala koomalam Aapatsu ca Mahaas`aila S`ilaa samghaata karkas`am. This was written by a 6th Century poet by name Bhartruhari. Translation: A gentle person's mind will be as soft as a lotus when heshe is rich. Hisher mind becomes tough like a hard rock, when heshe enters a phase of difficulties and hardships. (A person can face hardships with determination only if he is tough within).
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