People in the World of Politics

February 15, 2007 11:38pm CST
The country is now busy, getting ready for the incoming elections, that is, the national elections. Many candidates have filed up for candidacy and when I say many, I really mean, many and from different fields. What should really be the qualifications of a person in order to have the right to serve his/her people and therefore enter the whirlpool world of politics. In my own opinion, this incoming election would definitely be the most intriguing one, why? Because candidates are everywhere! People from the world of politics, entertainment (movies, televisions and radios), gays and lesbians, sports... as long as you have the money, the people's support, then you can become a politician! What a circus! I'm a bit concerned about the future of our country, no harm done, but, people should know what they are getting into when it comes to politics. They are not going to handle one or two families, they are going to hold and manage, the entire country! As a first time voter, I am a bit scared as to what will be the outcome of this election. In the first place, I don't really know if there will be a candidate who should have my vote.
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@crazy_me (588)
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
I understand your sentiments. This elections has certainly become like a circus. Aside from those who were immediately tagged as nuisance candidates, I believe there are many so called valid candidates that are actually just nuisances. Manny Pacquiao, for me, is one of them. Yes he is a great boxer and he makes all Filipinos proud. But I believe that politics is not for him. He is just letting himself be used by traditional politicians. What does he know about laws and the constitution? He will just become a dummy. If he wants to help the poor people, then help them by donating schools and houses and by employing them in his businesses. Aside from him, there are many other candidates that I am sure do not really know what they are getting themselves into. To them this is just a popularity contest. But to the rest of us, this will shape our future. Cast your vote when May 14 comes. I would surely vote those whom I believe genuinely care for our country. Those who do not vote are no better than the bad politicians. They have no right to complain because they did not do their part. A single vote already means a lot. It is our right to vote, so exercise that right.
@chavezrmc (6106)
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
hi there, too bad that you felt that way. I can't blame you as there are lots of those who are just taking advantage of the high positions that they will be holding in the future. Let me remind you that this is politics the dirtiest game in town. But may i tell you that there are those also who can be trusted focus not on the personality but focus on the things that they have done or might be doing in the near future. That's why we have election every after their term so that we can choose again. When they failed us before then try to vote for another one, who knows the new one can change the world of politics. Never lose hope, there's always a good side of each individual. Let us vote for our right but we can vote wisely. good luck to us all!