Just watched a really good John Candy movie lastnite

United States
February 16, 2007 4:01am CST
"Only the Lonely", with John Candy and Maureen O'Hara I watched this yesterday just because it was something to watch, and it ended up being a REALLY good movie, and so many parts in the storyline were incredibly similar to events recently happening in my life, and it really changed my view on things. So I was just wondering, who else has seen this movie, and what you guys think about it?
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@ArsonCuff (3121)
• United States
15 Jun 08
I have seen it I am sure, but oh so long ago. I do not recall anything about it. However, I did write an article about what i think are Candy's top ten movies of all time: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/817315/the_top_ten_movies_of_john_candy.html?cat=40
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
24 Feb 07
I have always loved this movie! It's actually apart of my movie collection. I've always been a big fan of John Candy! I think he truly is an amazing actor & I grew up with his movies as a young kid.. I have a lot of respect for him as an actor because he kept it real all of the time.. He always remained true to himself in which I believe is important for any actor in this business! It's to bad he passed on at such a young age.. He truly is missed! On to what I thought of the movie though.. One of the main reasons as to why I loved this movie as much as I did.. Was because Danny eventually ended up meeting a women who helped to teach him that he needs to think on his own.. And doesn't need to allow his mom to make choices for him in life, as it will only set him back later on in life. I love how she helped him crawl out of his shell & realize that it is important to be true to yourself. I found that so beautiful that he learned to make his own decisions, without always having to be worried about what his mom thought about the choices he was going to be making. For so long she would tell him what to eat, how to dress, etc.. Almost like she had a leash on him.. I love how he stood up for her & instead of just walking away from him.. And not respecting his decisions.. I love how she was willing to see his point of view.. And how he felt.. To me that is how it should be when it comes to any relationship with a parent.. Especially when you are a grown adult. I also loved how the movie is based upon lonely people. I think this type of movie is one that we can all relate to at one point or another.. Because in reality we all have been lonely at one point or another in our life. I mean it's not only Danny who is lonely.. But his mother is fairly lonely to at the same time, whether she likes to admit it or not.. I think more or less she ends up admitting to it in thee end. I love how Nick keeps on trying to rescue Rose.. But she is to stubborn to let him in. Because of how lonely & isolated Danny's mom is.. She begins to condemn Danny to his own isolation. In other words because she's not happy & because she's so lonely.. She wants Danny to be in the same position that she is in. I know that I could relate to the relationship Danny had with his mom as I have that with my mother.. Sometimes a parent needs to allow there son or daughter to make there own choices in life.. Instead of trying to make those decisions or choices for them.. I love how this movie gives that message. I also loved how well Sheedy did such a great job of nailing Teresa the character she had to play. I love how she was able to portray her character as being shy. And how she showed that her character retreats in to a shell. And has difficulties allowing anyone in as apart of her life. You can tell she's self conscious about who she is as a person. I love how Danny brings that out of her later on & allows her to open up to him. She did an excellent job with this character in my opinion. I loved how this movie was a mix between both serious, but also had humor to it as well. There are so many scenes in that movie that you can't help but start to giggle uncontrollably. Then there are points in the movie where you begin to feel a mixture of emotions, instead of just one emotion in general. I love when a movie is able to provoke emotion.. That's one you truly know that it's a good movie if it has the ability to do this to the viewer. At least in my opinion. In conclusion.. I know that this movie is one of my absolute favorites. And I know that it will remain in my movie collection for years to come. This is truly an amazing film & I recommend this movie to anyone if they haven't seen it already! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx