Is there any danger in eating raw vegetables?

February 16, 2007 10:24am CST
Now it is very difficult to get fresh vegetagles.Now lot of chemicals are used as fertilizer.If use organic fertilizer ,we can produce fresh vegetables.If we eat raw vegetales there is lot danger hiding behind it.Many dangerous disease are spreding through it.
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@LindaLou (483)
• Canada
16 Feb 07
I try to only buy organically grown vegetables, dairy products and as many other foods as a I can. No chemicals, hormones or pesticides are used in this type of farming, as opposed to conventional farming methods. I believe the reason that kids are going through puberty at younger and younger ages is due to the hormones added into the milk and meat we eat, to promote faster growth and production.
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@mcarps79 (1262)
• Uganda
17 Feb 07
i danger if u eat fresh raw vegetables ...just taken out from farm house.... I generally eat raw carrot,radish,tomato,cabbage....will provide more nutrients too
• India
16 Feb 07
16 Feb 07
What sort of dangerous diseases? I don't know or any diseases that are spread from eating vegetables, just a lot that are in meat. I was also under the impression that cooking vegetables made no difference to things like that, and in fact it is healthier to eat them raw.