Anna nicole : Death or Murder?

United States
February 16, 2007 11:35am CST
It shocked me when I heard that she died, and her baby just 5 months old left behind. Last night I was watching the news and they were saying that she was taking the same meds that her son took when he died. And that might have killed her, they also showed a video of all the men who clam to be the father of the baby girl. Sterns lawyer was saying that the media is saying that this baby is a gold mine, and that who ever is the father will have say so over the money. But stern wont even give a dna test, he keeps saying that he is the father. If he is the father then he should have nothing to worry about. I bet you he has something to do with the death, the dna was going to prove that wasn't the father and he would lose all that money. What do you think about stern not taking a dna test?
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