Cook's Assistant Quest Guide!

February 16, 2007 3:16pm CST
Well I know that's little bit noob but anyway that can help! Start: Begin by speaking with the Cook in Lumbridge Castle. Skills None! Quests: None! What You Need: 1 Bucket and a pot. Note: I copied this guide from a site ( won't say it cauz it's advertisement but I wrote it because I can't paste .. you know xD, so all cradits go to this site ) Gettting Started To start this quest, go to Lumbridge Castle and speak with the Cook on the first floor. He says that he's forgotten some of the ingredients for the cake that he was going to bake for the King. Tell him thay you'ill help him out, and he says that he needs some milk, an egg, and some flour. See picture : So, leave the castle and head along the road until you reach the General Store. Buy a bucket for 2gp, and a pot for 1 gp. Now we can get all of the ingredients for the cake! Here's a map of the useful places during this quest: Milk After buying a bucket and pot, just walk over the bridge to the east continuing to the Cow Pen. Once inside, use the empty bucket with a Dairy Cow to get some fresh Milk. Eggs Leave the Cow Pen and walk north along the road until you come to a small Chiken Farm. Now go inside and head to the NorthWest corner to find an egg respawn, Pick an egg up and leave the farm. Flour Travel south along the road from the Chiken Farm , back over the bridge and past the General Store. Walk west along the road until you come across a Wheat Filed. Pick a piece of wheat (see picture2), leave the field and travel a short distance north to the windmill. Climb to the top og the mill, use the grain with the Hopper, and then operate the controls next to the Hopper. Now clim all the way down the ladder, and empty the Flour Bin by clicking on it .(see picture 3) Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Finishing the Quest Now that you've got all the ingredients, head back to the cook by traveling east on the road until you reach the castle. Talk to him again, give him the milk, egg and the flour , and YOU ARE FINISHED! Quest Complete! Thank you guys!
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• Egypt
17 Feb 07
Great work prorathack but i think that its a very good explaining for that quest but there is more quests that r more difficult and need explaining and best wishes inm rhe second time
• Egypt
17 Feb 07
i agree whith prorathach1 we need o discuss more dificult quests
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
I do not know what to say. But I supposed that if anyone would come to this site means they had achieved completion of the basic quests. If it is the work of other websites, I don't think you have to post here.