Do you know?

February 16, 2007 4:35pm CST
I'm pretty sure you are not much aware of this small country.It's famous for Cricket,but not for tourism. I'm not a sales guy or a tourism guy,at the moment I'm not in Australia.But I think for most of the people who's always on holidays don't know much about this country. You all can enjoy nice beaches,hill country,very nice people,different weather situations,Tea states,and nature forests in less than 4 hours of of drive.It's a country having 2500 years of a proud culture and civilisation. It's true there's an ethnic war in the North but it doesn't effect in most of the other areas of the country.Literally you cannot see anything going on on surface. I don't understand why people not much interested in going there but I'm pretty sure it's because some do not have any idea what so ever about where it's is located even in the world map. Have a look in this site if interested, ..I'm sure you will Good on you all!
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