my theory what do you think about it

October 13, 2006 11:18am CST
My theory is that one day we will found all the people will be black people and the white people will disappear because in genetics the dominant gene is the black gene so if white is married with black the F1 will be all black so I think that white people will disappear one day Note: I don't mean any offense
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• United States
13 Oct 06
No, I don't agree. I have seen biracial people of all different colors. SOmetimes the dark complexion comes out more, and sometimes the light complexion comes out more. It's just how you roll the dice.
• Canada
13 Oct 06
I don't believe that one skin "colour" is dominant over the other-I have many bi-racial friends who do not have the same skin tone as their siblings. (For example, one of my friends has blonde hair, brown eyes and fair skin while her brother has dark, curly hair, brown eyes and dark skin-their mother is "white" and their father is "black".) I do understand what you're saying though, and eventually it may happen. I really wouldn't care if everyone looked the same because people from different races and cultures had fallen in love with one another and had children-people are people in my eyes, and I like/dislike people regardless of skin colour. But with that said, the variety of people and what they look like in the world today is wonderful-people from any and every part of the world are beautiful and unique, and I don't know if I'd want to lose that. (It obviously won't happen in my lifetime, though. But I've often wondered this myself.)