When do you know it is right to ask for a second opinion?

@Macthedj (630)
February 16, 2007 10:51pm CST
8 years ago i had an injury at rugby this caused me to get excruciating pain in my neck and arms. I went to the doctors and he told me it was trapped nerves. I accepted this because he was the doctor and I respected that. For 5 years i continually went to the same doctor with the same symptoms albeit they were getting worse, but all he done was increase my painkillers and mascle relaxants. By chance 3 years ago I was visiting other family when I took some very bad spasms and had to be rushed into hospital because i could not walk and was in a lot of pain. I was checked out by another doctor and was then immediately given an MRI scan. From the scan the it showed that 2 discs in my neck were compressed and crushing the nerve canal on the left hand side. I was told that if I did not receive an op then the consequences could possibly leave me unable to walk properly. I accepted the op but has turned out that it was too late to stop permanat damage. i can walk but sometimes I am unable to and am bed ridden. I was told after my op that if this had been caught years earlier then I would have had no problems. I have since received a further operation and will possibly be having another one in the next couple of years, I amalso on permanant painkillers and other tablets that help nerve damage. It just makes me angry that my own doctor for years just fobbed me off because he could not be bothered to spend the time or money to have me examined properly.
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@SageMother (2277)
• United States
17 Feb 07
I suffer from chronic pain issues due to an injury in 1986. It is too bad that your doctor didn't just get you right on strong pain meds and keep you on them. Once anerve has had pressure on it, it usually doesn't recovver. I have takedn some kind of pain medication daily for more than 20 years. Now I take vicodin daily. I think you need to get another doctor. Anytime a doctor seems reluctant to be agressive in treating a problem that causes pain beyond 2 weeks, isn't giving you to treatment. Since you have had this misfortune withthis surgery, you should find a new doctor and insist they be as agressive as possible with killing your pain, and try to avoid them going back in to repair the extra damage that has been done. I say this because everytime they go in, they create scar tissue. That scar tissue will settle around that nerve that is totally tweaked as it is. If you are able to function on thepain killers, just leave it at that. Be sure they keep the meds coming. They will never be able to do surgery that will take that pain away.
@Macthedj (630)
17 Feb 07
Thankyou, it is good when someone responds who know what you are really going through. I do function with the meds but barely when i am at full dosge. But I will take heed of what you are saying.
@acquaria (719)
• Italy
18 Feb 07
In these cases two opinions are always better than only one
@shogunly (1406)
• Libya
18 Feb 07
Look , Primary care doctors actually get paid better for resolving problems without referrals .Its just the way the system works ,the GPs must decrease the load on the specialists and hospitals , .HOWEVER. there are 2 ways a neck injury can be felt in the ARM (you said there was injury to the neck ,not directly to the arm) .1 a NERVE injury : many kinds ,either to the spinal chord ,or the nerves as it leaves the chord ,or to the free nerve far from the vertebral column . .2 Vascular injury : its rare ,but it is another thing that connects the neck with the arm . :So your symptoms were to a great extent UNEQUIVOCAL ! He should have known right away that you might have had a crush injury to the vertebrae ! # Thats why I say SUE HIM !! I do hope you get better ,but should you NOT ,life is not easy to face with a permanent injury . Regards