tatooed and shunned.

United States
February 17, 2007 12:30am CST
My son has several tatoos nothing horrible just a full "sleeve on one arm. He was looking for a job and was hired by a painter, thats his trade, when they arrived at the workplace the owner of the house told his boss he had to go because he was a Christian and would not tolerate tattos. Now thats not the kind of impression I wanted my son to get about christians. I was very upset! My son in true fashion said.... that guy is a true example of why so many don't attend church. Sad Sad Sad.
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@Chele2k2 (241)
21 Feb 07
That is just wrong! He should never have judged your son on his tattoo's but his ability to do the job in hand. I know some people are offended to see tattoo's on another persons body, why though, I don't understand. Having a tattoo doesn't affect how a person perform his/her duties in a work place. Not being in any kind of religion myself, I can't really comment of Christian policies but it is my understanding from a non-religious view that god is open to all.
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
i think christianity or being a christian has nothing to do with tattoos. as long as you does not hurt anybody, you are hardworking and patient. what's with tatoos anyway?it is just a body art... hmmm good day and goodluck...
• United States
17 Feb 07
I'm not sure that tattoos are specifically prohibited by the Bible or by Christian principles. I am far more entranced, however, with your sensational avatar. My favorite!