How does dancing affect our lives?

February 17, 2007 1:46am CST
I have a some project and i really want to do on dancing. Pleas would you tell me some information about topic or anything that i can work with.
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14 Mar 07
Hi Im Toya How does dancing affect our lives - well it affects all our lives because its to do with movement. Some say if you move you dance - dance is a way of communicating and body language is important when you communicate - Here are some ideas - dance affects our lives when we go out to socialise, in doing keep fit, knowing your own space, for communicating - in knowing our own bodies, in concentrating and focusing, in connecting with mind body and spirit, i dont know theres so many ways dance can affect our lives - maybe you could do soemthing with scenes and different parts of life and show them in a dance way with different styles or movements - maybe if youre still watching your post you could write with some more ideas i dance and choreograph hope this helps