Favorite song?

@Lunerian (493)
February 17, 2007 3:35am CST
So which is you favorite song by hammerfall? I like "When the dragon lies bleeding", "The fallen one" and ofcourse Renegade!
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@Zalvor (727)
• Turkey
16 Mar 07
I like the ballad Glory To the Brave.
@Cronos (39)
• United States
24 Apr 07
eh for some reason i grew out of hammerfall as far as power metal bands go i think primal fear is the best
@hinocki (670)
• Italy
17 Feb 07
hammerfall? who are hammerfall? Punk? crossover? or maybe simple hardrock?
@Lunerian (493)
• Sweden
17 Feb 07
swedish heavy metalband, that for some reason is more popular in the US than in sweden.
@polaris77 (2031)
• Bacau, Romania
20 May 11
My favorite Hammerfall song is 'Let the Hammer Fall';I also enjoy 'A Legend Reborn','Rebel Inside','Hearts on Fire','Bring the Hammer Down' and of course many others which aren't bad at all.I'm glad they have a new album,I'm looking forward to hearing it.
@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
18 Jul 10
I don`t listen very much hammerfall, but i sure have a favorite song, an emotional one "always wll be", i love it.
• Romania
18 Jul 10
My favourite HammerFall song? I would start with Hammerfall song, Glory to the Brave, Heeding the Call, Legacy of Kings, Templars Of Steel, Keep The Flame Burning, Renegade, Raise The Hammer (Instrumental) and Hearts On Fire. I only like their first 3 albums
• China
31 Dec 07
always will be ,heeding the call
@jsaidmlt (147)
• Malta
24 Nov 07
I love Hammerfall so much, it's very difficult to decide on my favourite song... Some of my favourites are: The Dragon Lies Bleeding Heeding The Call Legacy Of Kings Templars Of Steel Run With The Devil Riders Of The Storm Hearts On Fire On The Edge Of Honour Crimson Thunder The Unforgiving Blade Hero's Return My favourite album overall has to be Crimson Thunder with so many great songs!
@xirthum (78)
• Brazil
19 Sep 07
It's hard to choose the best.. "Glory to the Brave".. "Dreams come True".. "Let the Hammerfall".. "Blood BOunds".. "Hammerfall" "Hearts on Fire".. I think that I will choose "Always will be".. beautiful song =)