types of book u like

February 17, 2007 3:42am CST
which types of book u like novel short stories ur course boooks or informative
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• United States
4 Mar 07
I like to read books by unknown authors. I like to go to places like publishamerica.com and even lulu.com and purchase books from those authors that I have never read before. Some of them are really good. I have been disappointed a time or two, but then again, I have been disappointed in mainstream writers too.
@ranaomer (17)
• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
i dont like books okkkkkk
@catcai (1057)
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
Books... well, im into fictional novels in the drama or suspense genre though, I like touching stories, which usually make me cry, sometimes im into science fiction as well, it depends on my mood :) but usually i like novels with tragic endings. If its a text book,or an informative book- i always prefer to read a science book or any book that deals with astronomy, astrology, myths and legends, and the occult.
@smartnrich (1067)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
I would like to read the book of history, religion, environment,agriculture, medicine,and online bussiness and opportunity.When I free, I also read some novel.
• Indonesia
25 Feb 07
I like reading self-help book, business and investing, traditional remedy and spiritual. Some times I read comic, too
• Canada
25 Feb 07
No particluar kind, I just enjoy reading whatever appears entertaining to me. My boyfriend has three science fiction novels out, and I have read them all. They are wonderful books. I love them as much as I love him. I never really read science fiction before I read his books, but now he has opened me up to a whole new genre I never looked at before.
@nottygal (154)
• India
23 Feb 07
i like novels.. tho i don mind readin short stories i prefer big novels that keeps us on the edge of our seat.. like the robert ludlum's bourne series..
@diansinta (7550)
• Indonesia
17 Feb 07
the book of secret - the book of secret by deepak chopra
i like spiritual, business, natural herbal medicine, gardening, architecture dan feng sui but right now i read "the book of secret" by deepak chopra. first capture
@stvasile (7316)
• Romania
17 Feb 07
I like science-fiction novels the most, but I also like science or informative books.