Does music change your mood?

@shrekk (561)
February 17, 2007 3:53am CST
It's true that moods decide the kind of music you want to listen to at times and they say music has a soothing effect...but does it really alter your mood and change the way you think about things?or do you keep feeling the same deep inside? I mean, does it make you more positive about your issue or do you contain the same thoughts within you?
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• Philippines
16 Jul 07
Yeah it changes my mood. Whenever I hear love songs, I would remember how in love I am and all of a sudden, I feel great. When I hear hopeless romantic songs, I remember my first love and all of a sudden I am lonely. When I hear rock music, I feel my blood alive and all of a sudden I am active. Music could truly affect us and it is very powerful.
• United States
22 Feb 07
sometimes it does. it just depends on what i'm listening to at the time. if i'm listening to a sappy love song then i feel somewhat depressed. if i'm listening to metal then i feel relieved of stress. if it's rap then i'm in a good mood and singing allow. sometimes it changes the way i think. like if it's metal then i don't care about my life. if it's rap then i am thinking of how i grew up in a rough gangsta town. makes me change a little bit. sometimes it makes me positive and sometimes it doesn't. most of the time i'm not positive anyways.
@hinocki (670)
• Italy
17 Feb 07
Music change all your life. There no way to not be changed by a good song
• India
17 Feb 07
music changes our mood bcoz it has great influence on the human past itself it is a saying that music can change our mood we can just ignore thew things what had happened earlier and we r free from the stress and we become more relaxed ones.