meaning of angel numbers

February 17, 2007 10:11am CST
I would like to know the meanings of angel numbers. After my ex had left a year and a half ago, I was devestated and the number 20 & 24 kept and still keep appearing. My television would be on channel 24 every morning even though it would be left on other channels the previous night and my cd player whenever I would put cd's in it would display 20 only on the songs which reminded me of him. Could someone please explain why this is still happening. Is someone trying to send me a message that I'm just not understand. Also, his name keeps appearing everywhere. He has a popular name but it seems everytime we argue or he upsets me it's everywhere. It will pop up on the tv on every channel that I turn to or be on a sign or truck. Is this normal? I'm beginning to wonder.
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