Crimes on Street Burgling and Snatching of Mobile

February 17, 2007 1:01pm CST
In Ashia Crimes are increasing day by day and the goverment and police didn't take any action against the crime some times they killed the person wile snating or burgling the mobile Peoepl buy very costly mobiles of nokiya sony ericson motorola some times they lost the mobile and some time live too TStreet robbery showed a sharp rise in the 12 months to March 2002. Police figures show that half of all recorded robberies take place in 20 local council areas. The worst street crime figures occur in the most deprived areas and the more affluent areas that border them. The evidence we have about street crime suggests that: • A high proportion of robberies involve young persons as victims and offenders • Offenders and victims are predominantly male • Robberies are most likely to involve theft of cash but theft of mobile phones is also a significant problem especially amongst young victims • Home Office research has shown that children of school age are at least five times more likely to become victims of mobile phone theft than adults • Young black men are at particular risk of being a victim of street crime, with many of their attackers also being young black men. Interventions for preventing street crime can be targeted towards: • Neighbourhoods or streets with high levels of street crime • Those responsible for committing street crime • Those who are most likely to become involved in committing street crime • Victims of street crime. he gang which involve and police of and the police too
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