Birth control pills in Shampoo

February 17, 2007 1:43pm CST
I was told by a friend that diluting birth control pills on your shampoo would make your hair shinnier, softer, more manageable and would grow faster. I've tried this and it works for me. I don't have to use a conditioner anymore. I was wondering if there are other people who tried this. If so, did it work for you? or did you experience negative effects from it?
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• United States
17 Feb 07
I've never heard of this being done before and I don't quite understand why you'd obtain a prescription for birth controll pills and not use them for their intended purpose. Not to mention that their more expensive than conditioner!
• United States
28 Jul 09
I use them on my shampoo and my hair does grow faster than when I don't put the pills on the shampoo. But i don't think it makes all the hair manegable just the new hair that grows after using the pills. I personally prefer to put the pills on my conditioner because I massage it on my scalp and leave it on while I shower. but I aslo put pills on my shampoo. A fiend of mine told her doctor about it and the doctor prescribed her pills for that purpose. you should ask your doctor about it. I heard about this BCP on your shampoo from a Latin singer her name is Thalia. And No side effects.
• India
22 Feb 07
This is really interesting.I have never heard of it.I would definitely give it a try but i am worried about my hair(worried that it may fall off!).Well this may not workout for everyone.But it is worth giving it a try.
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• Belgium
19 Feb 07
Wouldn't it just be easier to use a good conditioner? I have to pay money for birth control pills, it's not a lot, but it's more than what I yearly pay for conditioner.