February 17, 2007 2:03pm CST
ithinking about of getting a new guitar, any suggestion on which one i should get. which is the best make?
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• United States
19 Mar 07
It all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what kind of sound do you want from the guitar. If your looking to spend under $1000 for an acoustic guitar my choices for you would be the Breedlove Atlas series, Taylor's 100 to 300 series, the lower Martins models, or the lower Gibsons models. As for electric, I've pretty much have been told that it is safe to get a Fender or Gibson. If your looking for a guitar more towards the use of blues, jazz, and rock then the Fender would be the best bet. But if your looking for a guitar more for rock then the Gibsons would be the best. Overall, it all depends on how much your willing to spend and what kind of sound your looking for?
20 Mar 07
is a epiphone alright for a rock sound.
• United States
21 Mar 07
In my opinion, Epiphones are good guitars for the price, and you could always upgrade the pick-ups. I'm more into the Les Paul Customs, whether Gibson or Epiphone. But you could also go the cheaper route and get a Les Paul Jr. or other lower models. But as for rock, the Epiphone should give you the crunch and the humbucker sound that most rock songs need. If you watch most rock bands, a majority of them would have the Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, or Fender Telecaster. An Epiphone should give you the rock sound. It also depends on you as well, considering what you are comfortable with playing. I've been through 5 electrics; 2 of them being Ibanez (GSA-60 and an Artcore), a Fender Stratocaster, an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and the one I currently have a Vintage Fender Telecaster. The Epiphone should be a good buy, and if you decide it's not for you, I know that Guitar Center (if you live in the U.S.) has a 30 day return policy. Just do some research and price comparisons, I'm sure you'll find the right guitar you'll enjoy playing.
29 Mar 07
cheers man u sure know u stuff.
26 Feb 07
VW are very good these days very reliable and also not too pricey, excelllent value for money. Their sister companys Seat and Skoda are also very good also AUDI rock too these all are owned by VW.
26 Feb 07
sorry wrong window would get a gibson. I have a gibson SG and isnt my face red bloody internet explorer 7 with its multiple tab things
28 Feb 07
cheers thx for the advise
17 Apr 08
My partner is a rock guitarist and he recommends that you go into a good reputable guitar shop and try out as many as you can before you make any decision. He tends to prefer Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters or his favourite Gibson Les Paul Classic but he has a collection of around 35 guitars now, ranging from a gorgeous Martin 12 string acoustic up to A Fender LoneStar Stratocaster. Your best plan would be to try before you buy, see what feels comfortable for you, check out the weight of a guitar too, and the balance. You can usually tell by the feel of a guitar when you try it out and any reputable shop will be more than happy for you to spend time there trying all the guitars out first.
@SteveDan (23)
• Canada
13 Mar 08
First, what are you playing? Classical, Accoustic, or Eletric?? I will assume you are an electric player well, there is no best guitars in my opinion, it all comes down to your own taste If you like fatter, more rounding and deep sound, i would suggest a Gibson If you like soul, funk, rythmic playing as well as texas blues, Then you can't go wrong with A Fender Strat If you play Heavy music, Ibanez and Jacksons are great, as their neck is comfortable and usually not that thick, making it easier to fret and move fast Just my insight Good Luck on your playing
• India
21 Sep 07
dude depends on the kind of music and ur experience.. how long u been playin guitar?
@TDonald (1422)
• United States
20 Sep 07
My vote is for Martin. My DM sounds good and looks good. Very playable.
@Bardock (105)
• Norway
17 Sep 07
Well, I say you should choose the Stratocaster, if you want an electric that is. The standard edition is a very OK version, and it's not the most expensive. The Fender Stratocaster are very good at using if u are getting more to the blues, jazz, rock thingy. Cause it can get a very "precise" tone. The Les Paul, is also a very good alternative but I happen to prefer the Stratocaster. For me, the LP is too "soft", it's a very nice tone, and it sounds great and everything. but for me, it's just not right. If you want a acoustic guitar, there are lots of great ones, but an advice is, and should always be; Do not choose the cheapest one. They don't have a good sound, and most of the time, they will just ruin the good feeling you get of playing guitar. I don't mean you should buy the most expensive ones though, that would be just throwing money out of the window. Personally I have some guitars, I have a Jay Turser (electric, I don't remember model nr. it was one of them cheap guitars, and it doesn't keep the tone very good anymore, you have to tune it almost once every hour to keep it clean) then I have a Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster (Blackie) That would be my all time favorite guitar, it's just perfect for my use. And then I have a bunch of "not so good" acoustics, and of course I have the Martin D28 EC (eric clapton) that's a terribly good guitar, but it's too expensive really. much of the price is because Eric Clapton uses it.
@gegegelay (934)
• Philippines
21 Mar 07
i guess it depends on your budget on how much you are willing to spend. gibson and yamaha have good guitars. i love gibson. fenders are also good but i think they're much more expensive. if you're looking for really cheap guitars, you should check out e-bay :)