taking care of the handicapped

United States
February 17, 2007 4:24pm CST
I used to care for different mentally challenged adult, and some handicaped.I had one I cared for that really made me believe in heart-felt understanding. I will him Bob, ok, one day he ran out into the traffic, and I ran after him, there was a large uhaul truck flying twoards him, not slowing down, I froze,and I screamed No, Come here Bob,Remember me,I love you, you are my bestest friend! And then stoped and looked back at me and I was then on my knees crying, he ran off the road and came to me, helped up and walked me back to the office and sat there beside me, and stated he was my bestest friend,and he was sorry.And asked me why I was crying, and I said You scared me badly.And he started to cry too, and I asked why arfe you crying, he said,Cause you are my bestest friend,and I hurt you so I cry for you. I then was never scared of him(when mad or upset he would have the strenght of ten men)and I knew I could make sense to him when other couldnot.I no longer work for the place, I couldn't handle having the people I cared for be treated wrong in any way, so I had to get away from there on my own or be fired for mouthing off.Has any one ever cared for anyone with a mental problem only to find out they are not mental as you would have thought, that they really are not different than anyone else.I did,and I not have a deeper respect for the handicapped and the mentally challenged.
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
18 Apr 07
I have never worked there, but I do have a son that is. I have always wondered if you could trust the places that care for them. I am glad you have given me an insight on it. I hope I never have to put him there.
• United States
19 Apr 07
I think, that a person with a loved one that needs care or help with care, should hire someone on to help out.Basically that is all we done there, was help feed them, clean them ,give them thier meds, and so on. Some place are not so bad, but I would ask parents or close family that have loved ones in the places first if they ever had a problem.First uneasy feeling you have, go with it,but if comfortable with the place and the people there and the family whom you speak with, them go with it .
• Brazil
18 Feb 07
Its terrible seeing such life-changing experiences, yet Ive experienced the same thing at an old folkĀ“s home here. Have a nice day!