February 17, 2007 4:41pm CST
-I'm going to S.t Ives. -A man is cominig with seven wives. -Each wife is holding seven sacks. -Each sacks with seven cat. -Each cat with seven kits. -Kits,cat,sacks and wives. -how many are going to S.t Ives? -so,who know answer? -Thanks: -Good Lucky! -Thunder2000 (Brazil)
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• United States
22 Feb 07
2793 u froobs. :p
• Sri Lanka
21 Feb 07
Since the riddle is already answered I will try the king's riddle. The king's friend would have been married to the king's sister. So there were only 3 people there. No problem in having a pie each. They must have been very much overweight.
• United States
17 Feb 07
345 not counting the sacks since they're just bags. if you are counting sacks then its 2,403. You, the man, the wives, the cats, the sacks, and the kits. by the way I love riddles. here's one for you. A king dined with his sister His friend and his friend's wife. All of them were greedy beasts Who loved food more than life. At last three pies alone remained. There wasn't any knife. How did they all have equal shares, And save themselves from strife?
@04loviej (31)
17 Feb 07
1 as you were passing him so hewas heading in the opposite direction heres 1 for you this deadly weapon isnt hers, it isnt hers or his, for it belongs to me you see and its name is whose it is, what is it? the answer is a mine