Check out and comment my movieblog, PLEASE!

@tomfade (134)
February 17, 2007 8:20pm CST
Hi, I just started a movie blog where I intend to post reviews of really good films that most people might not know of, I haven,t really had time to update good yet, but follow the site from now on if you like to receive tips on good movies and my opinions on actors and directors and ofcourse rumors and newa about upcoming films. This blog is going places so pay attention. I love films, and I really enjoy looking for "hidden Gems" from all over the world, so if you like quality films, then check it out,And by the way, if any of you are experienced bloggers, please leave comments on tips. F,example how to put a rss feed option in it (newbie) LOL!!Hopefully I will have a steady group of movie nerds visiting, so check it out everybody. Have a nice day.
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@Rittings (673)
19 Feb 07
Great idea for a blog dude. I am gonna give that a view now coz I am a member of an online movie hire thing (lovefilm) and I never know what to add to my list (and the ratings the guys there give the films are so misguiding, most of the 4-5 star movies I hate, and I find a handful of 1 stars that I love!! strange ya?). So am looking forward to you finding some hidden gems too! hehehe. Thanks mate.
@tomfade (134)
• Norway
19 Feb 07
cool. Well we all have different taste, but I feel my taste is good, haha.... I will aprecciate if you look into the blog and comment. I have been a movie addict for MANY years and feel most people settle with the blockbusters and maybe a european film every now and then. So I will try to review movies that are really good, intelligent and often missed by the common man. So if anyone likes to have some suggestions to which movies thay should see, rent or buy ( or even download) then this will satisfye their needs, I hope. SO enjoy the site Rittings, PS, have you received my mail about torrentsspy etc...?