do they allow?

February 18, 2007 12:08am CST
do your boss allow your kids or babies at work? fortunately, my boss did allow me to bring my baby with me here at work, as my husband has job to do so he left us for a while, it will took him a week or so. i brought him, togehter with his stroller and other things,including his feeding bottles ,milk formula and all. and now he is sleeping after finishing one bottle of milk. i think i can bring him as long as his father is gone to work. i really cannot trust anybody to take care of him, though my mother in law is looking for him and my other nephew, but still i want to see him personally. how about you?
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• Malaysia
18 Feb 07're a lucky mummy! my former employer's discouraged reproduction. they never said it but they implied it in so many ways. i understand that you don't like other people taking care of your child... i'm pretty much the same too. good for you. now, i bring my baby to work too... i work from home... so i guess neither of us go anywhere at all.
@kaydee10 (268)
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
you're lucky and how nice of your boss to allow you to bring your baby along. most jobs doesn't approve having babies in the office