What do you remember about your primary school/ elementary days?

February 18, 2007 2:27am CST
I am just being nostalgic here after reading a book that tells about the author's share of childhood and school days' memories. of course I have my own share and it includes eating ice cream sold at the school gate, walking home with friends, my funniest classmates, my terror teacher, classmates who slept or pooped in the class. LoL. I can recite my former classmates names when I browse my class pictures and I can still recall the way they speak and crack jokes or talk or what they do during our times... Do you still remember your old school days?
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@speqter (131)
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
I miss playing in the school yard. I miss having no worries. I miss having looking forward to recess!
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• India
18 Feb 07
school days r always cherished memories for everyone, i remember the way v used to wait for the affternoon bell to ring and the excellent excuses that i used to make when didnt wanted to go to school...
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
yeah, I do the same in college days... making alibis just to have a day off from the school...LoL
• Czech Republic
12 Apr 07
Hello! Yes I remember me good. That was nice time for me. Hope schall all childern in the world thats time good too.
11 Apr 07
I have sweet memories of early child hood.Ifeel tht the present genration has no sweetness ofchild hood as the present generation is encircled with burden of education, carrying food carriages,and huge bundles of books on their back going mechanically to the class rooms and returnng homes dull and weak. In our child hood we enjoyed like swimming in a tank, preparing of kites, playing with ball,theft of mangos from the topes,eating them with mixtureof chilly salt powder, travelling on a bullock cart. riding on a he-buffellow, jumping on the heaps of paddy grass,cutting of small trees for the January 13 every year burning of wood heap trvelling on cycle for more than 20 kms. playing on trees, and several happy days we enjoyed. The new generation deprived of earlychildhood sweet memories due tocompetition of the present world
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
remembering childhood days would flash my memory to my elementary years. i could remember my classmates we would usually go on scouting somewhere in the mountains having our boyscout camp. i cooked our foods, and swimming with my friends.
@kaydee10 (268)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I remembered being bullied but i also met my knight in shining armor but he's not with me anymore
• China
18 Feb 07
i have a bad memory...just remember : danced on the stage, disliked to talk in class,joined long-distance running,had no real friend,raised silkworm.....
• Vietnam
18 Feb 07
Remembers fondly the old time , I am also same.