February 18, 2007 2:47am CST
It seems people have become inclined to dealing with their problems by taking pills! "The Happy Pill," they call it! I think this is ridiculous. I know that some people have real problems with depression and I think that they should have these medications at their disposal, but I also think they should be limited. I am constantly hearing,"I'm depressed I think I might need Prozac." I immediately think, "Why? Is a counselor not good enough?" And then I ask, and do you know the excuse they give me..."I can't afford counseling." "Huh?" Why the hell not, people? Do you know how much these "Happy Pills" cost? They are very expensive. This really annoys me. Sad? Take a pill? Tired? Take a pill. Not tired? Take a pill. Addicted to pills? Take another pill. I don't know about you, but if they make a pill for people who are tired of pills, pass it this way!
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• Canada
26 Mar 07
I'm sorry you feel this way that most people who are depressed do not seek additional help. I feel the truth is more that when they go to the doctor to discuss their problems, the doctors easily prescribe pills over councelling. A few really great docs, prescribe both & eventually remove the people who can be removed from their pills. OVerall, depression is quite a large problem in our society, disease caused by diet and lifestyle is up which can add to or even cause depression. As well, obesity is a HUGE issue--forgive the punn! That can cause direct & indirect depression! Overall, its not just people who can not deal with their problems, it is more a combination of bad diets, processed foods, horrible job prospects, coupled with an chemical balance in the brain that is lacking that doesn't help. As well, you would be best to educate yourself a bit more as it sounds like you know people who are personally going through this disease, no matter how unreal it seems to you. They are still your people & they are still going through it. I'm sure you can find others here who can educate you on more sensitive ways to talk about your feelings that you have for your friends.
26 Mar 07
Let me clarify for I seem to have struck a chord. I did not say everyone I said people, meaning abusers. And as much as you may not want to face it there are many that do. I also have to say that these are not my friends who are doing this. These are people who i have met and spoken to. I am very happy that there are several who don't do this but i feel the need to point out that this is a big problem. I believe that many people want to take a pill as an escape from their problems. I believe in good old fashioned counseling and hope that you can see where I am coming from, as someone else who has problems, I believe that we can all fight this battle with our problems and win and not all people need pills.