Cheating in discussions. What should I do?

February 18, 2007 2:56am CST
I recently posted a discussion on Windows Vista. I got some responses. Among them, one was a long post with lots of technical specifications. I really liked it and gave it a '+' rating. But the next day I read an article which was exactly the same as the post. It was an exact copy. But since I had rated it already I couldn't rate it negatively. What should I do?
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@hijas007 (1386)
• India
19 Feb 07
you have to report it to mylot if he dont give any credi or source information if he posted a source info it is not agianst mylot..i think!
• Pakistan
18 Feb 07
Well Galactico i think it was not your fault.U have not done anything wrong.If his discussion impressed u either he copied it or he wrote that from his own mind than u have to rate it positively
• Canada
18 Feb 07
If there's a way to report someone for copying the post, then you should do so. Its not fair of someone to steal your hard work and try to pass it off as their own. If there isn't an actual report button, try to find an email address that you could send an email to explaining the problem and the user name of the person that copied your post. Maybe someone can do something then, such as give a warning or even ban that person. Good Luck, I hope you get it sorted.