c u again.can u really survive till then?

February 18, 2007 5:00am CST
Every day, millions of people die in this world.Yet everyone wants to live for 100 years.I want to live for 100 more years.Do you?Did you ever think about it?
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@slickcut (8141)
• United States
18 Feb 07
Yes i have thought about it before a lot of times..I would love to live a very long life myself,but only if i were in decent health..I do not want to have to be dependant on others to look after me and watch me , I do not want to be a burden on others..if i could live to be 100 or more and be able to care for myself then yes living to 100 or more would be great..
@oarnamav (2708)
• India
18 Feb 07
I think one must servive for hundred or even more years in life. But there must be a good cause to hope this. A person who is withgreat ideas like newton or einstein if for example is bestowed this, Every one would not object but useless persons just to finish resources and fod should rather quit even earlier than age 40. The ovewhelming population is already a problem for us on this incredible beautiful green planet EARTH. So nobody would allow us to servive as wished by you unless you are worth to be usful to the mankind. For instance I am the god, talking with my sweet little naughty but innocent kid.