What would you give/give-up for a happier/better life?

February 18, 2007 5:32am CST
We all have some things; even though they may be few or thousands. But, would you give up money or beauty for a better life? Would you sacrifice your house and all your material possesions to live happier? Are you happy the way you are now? Looking forward to you opinion and evaluation.
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@bigedshult1 (1613)
• United States
20 Feb 07
I woud hot give up being a meber of Jesus crist only true chruch onthe earth today or know that I will have my family for ever in heven the way God want us to be
• Philippines
18 Feb 07
I think if I were rid of my wanting to have more, I'd have lived a more content life right about now. If I can easily find satisfaction even in the simplest things, my life would probably be a lot better.
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• India
18 Feb 07
i believe im happy the way i am coz god has been kind enough to gift me all that is needed for a happy living thank a lot to every one who made my life the way it is....................
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• India
11 May 07
i would give up my occassional smoking and drinking if i am convinced it will make my life more happy......now i am content and happy with what i do and dont want much.....
• Janesville, Wisconsin
9 May 07
I have thought about giving up my home, my family, my pets, and the marsh to have a happier life... I can not give up my pets and the marsh. I want to remain here with the land where I belong... I would love to give up three sisters that make my life a living pit in flames... Someone else can have them.. Three Sisters up for sale come get them.. Then I'll be happy :d .. But you gotta promise not to hurt them and make them very happy... cause even those they are evil people even they deserve happiness..... oO{maybe..) - DNatureofDTrain