Does God exists?

February 18, 2007 11:34am CST
Do you feel that God exists? I dont want to queue in the discussion of religious wise discussions. In general, how many feel that God exists? How many feel that God is just a fake? I sincerely feel that God exists. Our own heart is the God. We should fear for our inner self.
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• Bangladesh
15 Apr 07
Do u see air? What do think about air? What do u think about yourself-like your hand,hair,nail, belly,head etc. whatever u have.Who made it? U see water flow. Where from it start? U see any tree.Who made it? It is made by man or anything? can creat a leaf without tree that means which has made already till today?Actually man can creat something by using something which are existance. Suppose-u know when u mix hydrozen with oxyzen then water will produce. Where from u will get hydrozen and oxyzen? If any question then my question where? Actually when men fail then they fell allah's existance.
@prasad1961 (5601)
• India
19 Feb 07
Feeling of God is different from proving the existence of God. You can prove the God as your Inner self, but feeling the God is with love only. So start the Day with Love, Spend the Day with Love, Fill the Day with Love, End the Day with Love, that is the way to God.
• Romania
18 Feb 07
This can turn out to be a very interesting discussion. Well i think we cannot find out if he exists or not (at least not in this life) but some people feel "closer" to him than others. I personally am a bit confused when it comes to his existance. I'm looking forward to see some new opinions on the subject