Be glad American troops are in Iraq

United States
February 18, 2007 12:52pm CST
Why? Because they are already present and mobilized to deal with the upheavals to come in all the adjoining nations -- Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon (which has already been through a war recently) and Israel. Jordan is also caught in the middle as is Kuwait and the smaller, U.S.-friendly Arab republics that ring the Persian Gulf. This current low-level civil conflict in Iraq betwen Shiites and Sunnis, though alarming, is a tiny fraction of the monumental battles to come, and Americans are there to save the day not only for us but for all humanity. Get used to it. The U.S. Congress' effort to remove the troops will fail, because even the most anti-Bush legislators will, upon detailed study, conclude that the great war of all time will be fought very soon in the Middle East and America is prepositioned to deal with the issue at hand.
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