"one thing that you find different in you?"

February 18, 2007 1:25pm CST
is there anything in your life that you find something special or different with respect to others?i think for mre is that "i am not social"WHAT ABOUT YOU??
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• New Zealand
18 Feb 07
Each person born into this world comes equipped with their own unique biography....whilst there may be someone like you, in truth, there will never be another you. Think about it... your own individual identity, the special x factor that makes you who you are. So it is no secret that you will have several preferences that sets you apart from your siblings, other family members & even friends....you say that you are not a social being....perhaps you're shy, perhaps you prefer your own company, whatever....welcome to the world!!! however you shouldn't allow this little indifference to keep you from making friends, etc. Me, I just love company, & enjoy family, friends & group activities. On another note, perhaps you enjoy individual sports & maybe you are a top sportsperson in a particular sport... I am suggesting that each individual has a strength as well as a weakness.....