Money - how it works and why you provably don't have much of it

February 18, 2007 1:59pm CST
Dear reader, thank you for investing your time into this discussion. I promise to do my best to make it worthwhile for you. First I would like to share a little about me, who I am, and where I come from. I was born in El Salvador under very challenging conditions. My mother alone came to Canada where we reside up to date. Life here is good in comparison, but money seemed to be tight no matter where we lived. Sure there were more groceries in the fridge, and a fenced yard, but money was money and it never came to us. Until one lucky day !... If you are still reading, it means you are curious about money and perhaps the bills you have are adding up, and you see others making money that don't have even half of your qualities, traits, or ability. Well here I will place the reason why. The reason why you dont have money, or much of it, is simple. You can disagree with me if you wish but what will be written is only truth, I play no role in it, I am simply a writer who was fortunate to discover this secret, logic, simple fact, that I will now pass on to you. I will start my case with a fact. If you have a driver's license or know of someone that has a driver's license, you know one thing. They have the ability to drive. Anyone of us who has all of our senses in tact can achieve this task. But in order to attain a license you need to write a test and take a hands-on test also. Now why does this happen ? so that when we drive we are all on the same page and we don't get ran over, rear-ended, or receive a head-on collision. What I have just listed may sound like simple logic to you and this is the true simplicity of how money works as well. For if every driver in your area followed the rules of the road I would guarantee you that the number of at-fault accidents would drop to less than 2%. Fact Driving has rules. Fact: Those who follow the rules of driving achieve a good driving record, lower insurance rates, low chance of accidents etc. Those who break the driving laws and rules end up with tickets, on a ditch, or worse in a sanatorium because they killed someone in an accident that was their fault. In turn I could have made the following statement and turned it into a quote, but I had to spark up your brain, and open your mind to consider the following and note: this is the only thing you ever need to remember about this entire piece: "Money Has Rules" In later articles and if requested I will give clues as to the rules, where to find them, what they are. Who made them ? who abides by them, tips and tricks on how to funnel money towards you etc. Guess what happens to those who break the rules ? Then end up later in life trying their very best to win the lottery, an uncontrolled scenario.
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