Potty-Trainging a Boy

@Michele21 (3094)
United States
February 18, 2007 2:27pm CST
Any tips for potty-training a little boy?? What age should I start? My son will be 2 soon and I think that is when I started with my daughter. But my son is such a handfull and totally different from my daughter. I can't imagine trying to do it now. What did you do with your boys? Thanks!
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@design (849)
• Ireland
19 Feb 07
Try adding some washing up liquid to the toilet bowl, so for him to make bubbles he has to pee. Also in my kids school they ave ping pong balls in the loo so little boys learn to aim in the right direction. lol
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@Mamaof4 (222)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I think it takes longer for boys to start potty training. I remember my first son just didn't go in his diaper. We took this as a signal to start potty training. He was barely 2 years old. My second son, however, is not 28 months and he is still in diapers! Ack! We have started taking out his diapers during the day and he'd be all gross out for wetting himself....so I'm taking this as a good sign of sorts :)
@shaz6611 (951)
• Australia
18 Feb 07
I wouldn't rush him. If you try to do it before he is ready it will just be a disaster. I think when your child starts to have dry nappies when they would normally be wet is an indication that they are ready.