want to take control of your pain?

United States
February 18, 2007 2:35pm CST
well first its all about the pain we all have it achey joints sore muscles head aches. well try this sit back and locate the main point where the pain is for me its sometimes in my knee now we will use my knee as a example sit back relax take a few deep breaths,now this is where your imagination comes in you remember that thing don't you you had it when you were a kid now visualise the pain as a block of ice because most pain is a form of energy blockage now as you breath see a bright white light coming through your body to the point of your pain for me it was through the top of my head down my body to my knee as you continue breathing see this white light melting the block of ice until its gone and then feel the energy begin to flow through it may take a little practice but with time you will notice the pain will really leave and you will feel relief
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