Marcie's Wing dings's are delious!!!

@marciascott (25550)
United States
February 18, 2007 6:45pm CST
I have a few recipes for wing dings that's what we call them It is nothing but chick wings. they way I fix them. I baks or fry them. first of all I cut the chicken wings up in two part. I don't use the tips I through them away. Put salt and peper to taste. If you can't have salt don't use it. It will still be favorful. after I bake them or fry them I put honey and mustard on them make you sauce honey and mustard mix it in the wing dings half of each. If you like them hot and spicey get some hot sauce and mix it all together. teriyaki sauce with brown sugar garlic flavor put this in oven for 10 mins. then I make a salad and potatoes, how ever you like your potatoes and you have the best meal. try it you might like it. How do you fix yours? Yummy +
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