United States
February 18, 2007 7:03pm CST
So I have some pretty good exercises going... but my main worry is my stomach and I keep trying to get it flat but I just can't seem to have any abs show through or anything. Does anyone have any good workout strategies for getting a flat tummy? Lemme know :)
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• Philippines
19 Feb 07
The key to have those flat abs and six packs is lose body fat. Try to go for cardio-vascular exercises.It would really help you lose body fat. Try scheduling cardio early in the morning after you wake up , in this way your body would try to use the stored fat in your body for the reason that it has nothing to burn since your body hasnt taken food for the past 6-8 hours while you were sleeping. No matter how many cruches you do everyday it will not show those abs mainly for the reason that they are covered by fat in your body. So the answer is CARDIO..CARDIO..CARDIO..
• United States
21 Feb 07
I gotta thank you so far it's working out very nicely :)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
I agree with all your comments. I run in the mornings and work out with weights in the afternoon. The other important thing is to watch what kind of foods you eat. You can have a fantastic exercise program and end up sabotaging your results by eating the wrong kind of foods. Forget the simple carbohydrates, and that includes anything made with white flour and sugar. Also the kind of fats you eat is extremely important. Try to get at least 35 grams of fiber in your diet every day. And don't skimp on protein. I take a good quality amino acid supplement and make sure that my sources of protein are from lean meat, chicken and fish. If you eat the right kinds of food and do the right exercises which includes cardiovascular and weight training you never have to diet.
15 Mar 07
Hi Im Toya I do workouts quite a lot. To get a flat stomach you could do high energy workouts to burn fat and for your stomach sit ups from the floor. Just make yourself a program and stick to it - so for example 10 sit ups with your knees bent feet on the floor and hands behind your head, then 10 situps to your knees, 10 elbow to right knee and 10 elbow to left knee, then rest 1 minute then place right foot on left bent thigh and do 10 elbow to knee and then repeat on left side with other foot on right thigh - then rest 1 minute - then do legs straight in air from lying down and cross feet and do 10 sit ups to your knees, and 10 elbow to right and left knees. - make some kind of sit up program for say 5-10 minutes every day and each week try and increase the repetitions. if youre in pain though stop cause at the beginning situps can make your abs hurt...hope this helps