What is the easiest e-Gold Debit Card?

May 29, 2006 8:13am CST
What cards are easiest to load and fastest? If you need cash right away from your e-gold account?
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@yoleis27 (557)
• Israel
9 Jan 07
Why cant you just use omnipay? I find it more comfortable to get a check from a known compant then to get a debit card from a company I donk know about.
• Serbia And Montenegro
9 Jan 07
So this omnipay let you cash out e-gold by check? tell me more about it. im still pretty new about all this cashing out money from e-gold stuff actually.
@annihilus (2184)
• Italy
31 Dec 06
For withdrawing money you have three ways: receive a check, receive a bank wire, purchase a debit card. For all the ways you need to use a broker. I know only three brokers working very well and honestly. they are: www.londongoldexchange.com www.omnypay.com www.icegold.com About e-gold debit cards I know only one bank in first class A issueing directly a debit card! It is the Loyal bank www.loyalbank.com It is a real and well knewed bank. I use londongoldexchange and loyal bank from years and always satisfied! Please, don't join any e-gold debit card site with MLM or affiliate program! These are companies not directly issueing the cards. They need to have a joint with a bank. Many times these banks are not serious banks. If the company selling the cards fails, you lose your money and you lose also if these "banks" fail! Debit cards are Cirrus Maestro owned by mastercard. mastercard and VISA don't allow any MLM program to sell cards! It is against their rules! But you need to see the fees of the debit cards. If you don't earn 200-300 dolalrs a month (2,000-3,000 $ a year) a debit card is not so convenient. Be careful and stay away from any site selling e-gold debit cards with MLM referral system!
@moreinfo (3865)
• China
31 Dec 06
loyalbank were good during its previous years. but now seems not offshore in EU countries now, and even not many mention it after the plexpay scam scheme (lol, one of the simplest ponzies but heavily discussed and promoted by some fraudsters on hyipd).
• Serbia And Montenegro
9 Jan 07
Very good information there! i didn't know about this before! thanks to u!
@virky0391 (566)
• Indonesia
30 Dec 06
Did you have try maestro debit card? It's free and it can refill by using e-gold. This the link : https://www.favocard.com/affiliater/affiliate.php?id=4115&group=1 They accept member from any country. You earn get $5 for every refferals you get. They also offer mastercard virtual debit cards. For mastercard, they give it free until 31 December 2006. Maybe this info can help you. Have a nice earning!
@moneymind (10518)
• Philippines
17 Dec 06
yeah i kinda looking myself this kind of stuff, please pm some infromation when you will come across such post. thanks. greetings. : )
@Opteron (1844)
• Italy
16 Dec 06
I am using only paypal, so I don't know how it works, but I am interested because a russian friend wants to come on myLot and i must tell her how to register on e-gold how to get money from there! I've heard that does exist free debit cards....is it true?