Friend turned Lovers?????????

February 18, 2007 10:23pm CST
i m very happy today, as for i had the news dat one of my frnds is gonna get engaged wid his old time friend, when i asked her when did they fell in love she said it was nothing like that the guy propsed her ever before,,,, but this valentines he after having a talk wid his parents asked her and before she could refuse,, the guys mom called up my frnds mom and dey agreed,,, My frnd was not in a state to express her feelings,and she left the place and next day her mom called her up and said that we wanna fix ur marriage wid him..... and oh my god she was on top of the world...... i m very happy for her as they were friends for long time and dey both understand each other very well.... do u also have ur lover as ur friend,,,or did u also fell in love wid ur old friend???????
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