Christianity is encouraging religion convertions by showing Funds & Force?

October 13, 2006 8:25pm CST
Recent developments, escalation of charity funds, construction of churches makes me think like that. Can anyone give valid reasons.
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@Jotunheim (169)
• Denmark
27 Oct 06
You are totally right! Here in Denmark right now for some reason, politician are struggling to have more christianity in public schools! I am disgusted by it. It's obviously just another powertool to control the masses. PHILOSOPHY FTW!
@mtutanji (16)
• Syria
25 Oct 06
i don't think so, i'm about to convert into christianity forced by my new believes and faith, but i can't public it as it's illigal here to convert ,,,
@nishdan01 (3051)
• Singapore
24 Oct 06
The world will not come to end until GOSPEL is reached to ends of earth. ---Bible. Using force is totally wrong. No one is forced for religious conversion. Take the example of china,a communist country. Chinese are embracing Christianity in a social revolution that is spreading through town and countryside to the point where Christians already may outnumber members of the Communist Party of China. Visits to villages in backward rural provinces or to urban churches in Beijing, where even on weekdays the young and middle-aged gather to proclaim their faith, confirm the ease with which conversions can be won. "City people have real problems, and mental pain, that they can't resolve on their own. So it's easy for us to convert these people to Christianity," said Xun Jinzhen, who preaches to customers at a beauty salon in Beijing. "In the countryside, people are richer than before, but they still have problems with their health and in family relationships. Then it's also very easy to bring them to Christianity." State-sanctioned Protestant and Catholic churches in China count up to 35 million followers, making Christianity the third most practiced religion in the country after Buddhism and Taoism. Islam ranks fourth. Even more significant is a steadily growing network of underground or "house" churches, which are said to have up to 100 million members.