A Review on the Book "The Charmed Sphere"

United States
February 18, 2007 11:35pm CST
I decided to pick up a few books by Catherine Asaro on my last visit to the library because she has gained a reputation as a wrtier of very colorful space operas with heroes, heroines, really bad villians, extravagant technology, action plots and more. And interwoven within the stories she tells are romantic sub-plots. I thought that maybe I found another author that would compare to Sharon Shinn. Within 3 days, even with a full schedule, I found time to read the first of the books by Catherine Asaro, "The Charmed Sphere". The action started with the first page and went stright through to the very last page with surprise twists and turns. Sometimes when reading a book, you can pick up on the clues and figure out what is going to happen, when and why. Not with Catherine Asaro in this book! You had the clues but would never have guessed how she could turn that information into the magic that she did. Definitely a page turner - if you have the chance, read this book.
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