February 18, 2007 11:55pm CST
GOD... what do you start or stop thinking when you here this word? or may be i can put it this way. when you want to start thinking good and stop thinking bad why do you think about god? You might give me several reasons but one reason i have seen across all the believers is that they are scared.... afraid of the power that is beyond their reach and understanding. I myself am an atheist... so my message to all the believers is... "stop believing in whats not there and start believing in yourself".... "stop being afraid and start facing things as they come"... "stop blaming it on something and start accepting your deeds and their results" Now thats what i do... do you have a point too???
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@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
long explain: It is mistakenly imagined by some that belief in a Supreme Being as the Creator and Controller of the universe is a mere emotional aspiration, a superstition of ancient times, irrational and illogical, and exploded by modern science. It is believed that scientists (physicists, biologists and others) have erected some theory which both refutes and replaces the traditional belief in God. Such ideas have only a very superficial grounding, and are the result of ignorance or an indifference to both the fundamentals of religious faith and the scope of the physical sciences. It is a significant fact in the history of world thought that very few people have ever made it their business to refute the existence of God. The views of the universe which are considered to be anti-religious are almost all agnostic, not atheistic, that is to say, they attempt to ignore the existence of God instead of denying it. This is true of certain views of modern science as well as of the ancient non-religious theories. The universe in which we live comprises an evident system of causes and effects, of phenomena and their results, and it is possible to discuss them indefinitely and construct theories about them, giving a superficial appearance of completeness. This is done, however, only at the expense of ignoring fundamentals or claiming that they cannot be known. If one were to search for a convincing statement based on firm principles that the existence of a Supreme Being is impossible, one would not be able to find it. The reason for this state of affairs is that belief in God is at once instinctive, rational, evidential and intuitional, and it is only by deliberately neglecting to consider it that the non-religious attitude is maintained. It is instinctive in that man has an innate feeling of his own inadequacy and helplessness, which accompanies him from the cradle to the grave, a feeling accompanied by the complementary desire to seek refuge and support with a being who controls all those forces before which he feels himself inadequate. We put this feeling forward as instinctive, although it will immediately be perceived that it is also evidential. The weakness of man before all the uncountable influences over which he has no control is a fact so obvious as to require no discussion... short explain: GOD it means a higher power. Something greater than humanity, but also a part of it. God is in the sky, in the blades of grass, in each of us, etc. But he/she is also a greater power that knows, sees, and understands all..
• India
19 Feb 07
Hmmm... impressive and influential also.. you just tried to explain, in a few words, what believers have been trying to preach from centuries. NOTE: make no mistake ... i am referring to the whole of humanity irrespective of the religions or rather groups so to speak. One little question that might be an eye opener for you. what is the difference between belief and trust? and which one will you choose if you had to choose only one? I agree...There are things beyond our control... MORE LIGHT TO THIS STATEMENT? there are things beyond everyone's reach and control.. the art lies in taking into account what you can do rather than what you cannot do. AFTER ALL WE TAKE BIRTH, LIVE AND DIE ONE DAY ...AND NO SUPREME, SUPER , OR EVEN SUPERNATURAL POWER CAN CHANGE THIS ORDER!!