how often do you visit your dentist?

February 19, 2007 12:44am CST
dental pain is considered to be one of the most painful thing existing in a human body. In todays world visiting a dentist does not only mean getting your tooth pulled out.It involves a lot of complex procuders involving root canal treatments,fillings,bleaching,ortho treatments etc. Why does a tooth Pain? one of the main cause of a severe tooth pain is that the tooth nerve is exposed due to tooth decay and the nerve is exposed to oral environment and the nerve impulses become intense and causes pain.
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• United States
19 Feb 07
I have never had pain from seeing a dentist.. I have had my wisdom teeth cut out and it didn't even hurt
• India
20 Feb 07
thats good news that you have never had any major dental Problems.
@Rana_2007 (235)
• Bangladesh
23 Feb 07
Every Six Month. But I Visit dentist when a serious problem.
• Italy
20 Feb 07
i don't go to the dentist
@ElicBxn (61189)
• United States
19 Feb 07
Twice a year whether I need it or not - actually I need it. I'm 50+ yrs old and still have all my teeth. My mom is 80 & has only lost 1. On the other hand, both my roommates have had teeth pulled - one had 4 done last week!! I guess they'll just have to gum their food when they get older... JK, JK.
@crizack (55)
• United States
19 Feb 07
I've been to the dentist once. It wasn't so bad, he put novacaine in my mouth, so I didn't feel a thing. I need to go again sometime in the next few months just for a check up.
@moto47 (555)
• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
I don't have any private dentist... so, I only visit a dentist when I have a toothache and as I remember, I've only gone to a dentist once ^_^