friends or girl friend??

February 19, 2007 1:15am CST
if you are in position have to choosen, who'll you choose among friends or your girl friend??
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• Pakistan
19 Feb 07
if i am in that kind off setuation i chose my friends and left the girl friend if she is wrong and if my friends are on wrong way so i leave friends all is that its depend on who is right and who is wrong.
• Indonesia
20 Feb 07
thank's for the good comment
@hartnsoul (558)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
I have lots of friends back in High School who were bummed by this predicament. My advise to you in this situation - choose your friends! Why? If you're girlfriend loves you she will understand and love the people you love. However, YOU as the guy, should abuse this. Never let your girlfriend wait for so long coz you are with friends. There are of course limits. That falls on your responsibility as a loving boyfriend to her. Try doing things together as well as with friends. Watch a movie with friends or simply dine out. This will allow your girl to understand what you are like when you are with friends. Respect and understandin is the key... :)
• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
thank's for you opinion, i can understand this situation. but i love my girl so...