Smoking - A Story

No-Smoking - Stop smoking not only kills you....but your will to LIVE as well....
February 19, 2007 1:53am CST
Hi again!Like i said before, smoking is very hard to quit. Here's one story about my friend who was a chain-smoker. One fine day, he came down with high fever. He took a paracetamol and just continued his routine day. The fever though, never receded. It continued for 5 more days, and that's when he started worrying about it. The doctor correctly diagnosed it as typhoid and prescribed appropriate medicine. The doctor then asked my friend abput his smoking habits. My friend told him all. That's when the doctor came to know that my friend used a particular brand of ciggarette which had high quality filter. The cheaper vesion came with a very low quality filter, which, if my friend used, would certainly would have taken his life. So eventually it was the difference between the filter that saved my friends life. My friend has since quit smoking. It was pretty difficult, but ultimately my friend's perseverence persisteed. So please ....try...if not stop SMOKING!!
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