Theories of Life.

February 19, 2007 3:57am CST
Hello, reader. This is my first post that will not say anything about me in particular, about my family or my friends. All this will be my thoughts. After all - I did really say what is on my mind on my profile page ( So... I think that this site, although almost everyone here joined for the money, is very well done. The first thing on my mind when I saw the interface was... NO ORDER. Now, when I look at all the links and all the stuff that one can do - everything has its own place. I congratulate the makers and staff of the site, because I've come to respect the site for what it is. Just as much do I like to respond to discussions as I like to earn from that. I didn't earn much (2.87$) for a month and a half. No matter. Because I am here already and I am not a very sharing (when it comes to information) person, but I want to share something with you. I've told this just to a number of people. It's my own theory. It consists of the following - many years ago, people didn't know about atoms. When they finally learnd about atoms, they didn't know about the existance of electrons. Fifty years (or so) ago one scientist PREDICTED the existance of smaller than electrons particles - a year ago it was PROVEN to be true. Now, I stand here and am SURE that there are even smaller particles than these. I am sure that there are even smaller smaller smaller particles. And, for last, I AM SURE THAT one can never stop discovering smaller and smaller. That's why, my theory is - we all are infinite. Infinity in boundries. Can you comprehend that? I know I can. When I told this to my girlfriend, she understood me right away and asked the logical question - "Then how do we know where we end? And where something else starts?" I can't give an answer to that. All I know is, that I am SURE in what I've just said and it's my own theory. Nothing more, nothing less.
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• Philippines
19 Feb 07
well, the purpose of our life is to know god's will and to serve god with all our life. He is the reason of our existence and at the end, we will offer ourselves to him. Continue to enjoy every single day of your life. Be thankful and blessed in everything you have right now in your life. God is so good. He really loves us