When is the right time to marry

February 19, 2007 4:23am CST
I have a friend who is working as a professional for 6 years now. She is at a good position and earning well and is 30 years old. But when asked about marriage she responds that it is not the right time. What or when do you think is the right time to get married
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• India
21 Feb 07
Well I believe that for getting married u need to wait for the right partner! And i tink that your friend is still to find her right partner!!!
@sk1970 (10)
• Iran
21 Feb 07
Dear Jayant76, Let her decide for her life . I was hard on any boy too and at last I got married my boyfriend and I feel happiness now. At that time I was 33 years and I married . Maybe she wants to be sure of you. I hope that you can marry her and make happy her.
@Bizziebod (3526)
20 Feb 07
Hi, I don't think there is a right time or a wrong time if there ever is a time to be honest! You have to feel that it is the right time for you not when everyone else think it is the right time! If she is a professional then perhaps she wants to get to the top of her career before thinking of getting married? Or perhaps she wants to be financially stable?
• United States
19 Feb 07
One has to be prepared for marriage in three ways. Physically which I think your friend is Monitarily I cannot comment much on this because it depends on what your friend's goals are. Thirdly emotionally or mentally. I think your friend is not prepared to tie the knots now
@pSYoniK (35)
• Romania
19 Feb 07
i wouldn't say that there is a right time to get married or a bad time...its just time to get married when you feel that your work and your friends aren't exactly enough...that you might need the sympathetic shoulder to cry on that you might need a person to whom you can relate to.Again there is the issue of love.If you never loved (and i don't mean some highschool crush on someone) anyone that might be a good enough reason not to marry and maybe wait for prince charming but then again maybe i am way to romantic ... btw i dont wait for prince charming i am waiting for my very own Cinderela ;]
@anandkh (79)
• India
19 Feb 07
when you think that i am alone in the world then make a plan to have some partner